Q and A’s with Sharron




Q: Are you a full time photographer?

A: I am. I am always on duty i.e. camera is never far away! lol.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: I live in Wollongong and travel mostly within a two-three hour radius, but am always always keen to shoot new places with fresh eyes. The world is an amazing place with so many awesome spots to shoot a wedding, so yes, we are more than happy to travel and are excited to do so. We usually make a weekend or short break out of it which means we are often are there the day/night before at least.

Q: Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring Wedding – what is your favourite and why?

A: Our favourite time of year is May. We got married in May in the Snowy Mountains and it was awesome. The light is amazing at that time of year and often it is not windy. May is almost perfect. Each season has it own special ingredient that will manifest itself in your photos and use our experience and skill .

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: The first wedding I shot was on film many years ago. I bought my first SLR (pro camera) back in 1991 when I was studying photography at tafe. Since then I have completed various courses and workshops – some with some amazing masters of photography. I officially launched my business four years ago.

Q: What camera equipment do you own?

A: We use Canon professional bodies and lenses – a variety of pro lenses (prime and zoom), pro flashes for on camera and off camera use. We also have studio lighting that I portable and can be used on location (weather permitting.)

Q: How many shots do you normally take at a wedding, and what will I receive afterwards?

A: 500 – 600 quality images that capture your moments as they unfold  depending on the coverage i.e. 4 hours or 10 hours.

Q: How long after the wedding will I receive my photos?

A:  You’ll receive your photos around six weeks after your wedding, this can vary i.e. it could be sooner, on rare occasions (i.e. if its Christmas and/or we are going away) longer…but we will give you an estimate at the time of booking.

Q: Do you edit the photos yourself?

A: Yes they are all edited and viewed by myself. On occasion I may get in help if needed but that is rare and any help is overseen by myself to ensure quality and style and brand.

Q: What is your shooting and editing style?

A: The answer to this is simple but also complex – sorry. My aim is to work with you so my style will reflect your personality and what you are comfortable with i.e. do you want natural candid photos or do you want some styled and posed photos or a bit of both.
I like Bokeh (blurred backgrounds), capturing amazing candid moments, technically correct photos especially bright eyes. I like vibrancy and colour but sometimes the edit is best being a more matt and antique style.

Q: Do you think a first look or reveal is a good idea?

A: It most definitely can be. Again it comes down to what you want out of your day. A first look can be so much fun and when done right, it can be really special. So much time and planning goes into your wedding day yet you get to spend so little of it alone together. Imagine seeing one another for the first time alone. It can be magic.

Q: Can I print my photos?

A: Yes you can. They are yours to print for personal use. The copyright does stay with me but if you want to do anything with them other than personal use  just ask. Images are provided in both high resolution and low resolution for online personal use.

Q: When we book you, will you be our photographer?

A: Yes I will. I am the principal photographer, and my husband is one of my second shooters. I also have a couple of lovely assistants. Which one of us or what combination covers your wedding is something we decide together.

Q: How do we book you?

A: Get in touch with your date and venue and I will let you know if I am already booked or not.


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