Beauty Tips for Photo Sessions



Although this is mainly put together for a portrait beauty session it can also be helpful to any one about to have their photo taken professionally.

Before going into a shoot you should  be fairly familiar with what is going to be required, if there is something you are not comfortable with please notify your photographer prior to avoid any awkward situations.

Here are some tips for a great session when being photographed.

Communicate with your team especially your photographer.
If there is anything that is concerning you please let us know whether its before the day or on the day.

We will discuss in detail the specifics of the shoot so there should be ample time before the session to ask questions and raise concerns.

Please be fully aware of the brief and what is required. Do not turn up to a biking shoot for example and say you are not comfortable with wearing a bikini.

A session is a time commitment from everyone involved and it is appreciated.

Be on Time:
Its important to be on time. If you are running late or held up let us know asap.

These are your responsibility. We cannot change what your expression is. If you look sad you will look sad, if you look stern you will look stern. It you look fun, smile, and are in the moment it will also show. Know your expressions. This is not something we can change or alter in post production (i.e. Photoshop.)

Beauty Preparation.
Your/Our makeup artist should give you a run down of how to prepare physically for a session, feel free to chat with them. Here are some pointers.

Great skin is the essential backbone of any look. The night before exfoliate with a gently abrasive scrub or a non-abrasive liquid and moisturizer generously. Do not use any new products (in case you have a reaction) Only use products you have safely used before. On the day of your event, only apply moisturizer if your skin is dry to very dry. If your skin is oily do not apply. Ask your MUA at your trial what she recommends.
Remember to also moisturize all over – arm, legs, hands, feet etc.

Please do not pain nails unless instructed with anything other than clear varnish. Please ask if not sure.

Body Hair
It is a good idea to remove body hair  on arms and legs as well as facial hair. Certain lighting – both studio and natural will highlight any hair. Eyebrows should be well shaped and groomed.

On Arrival
It is best to wear loose clothing so it does not mark your skin. Remove all jewelry. Remove sunglasses at least an hour before Make up is applied.

Make sure you bring something warm to wrap around you to keep warm in between shots. Bring comfortable shoes for walking.

Please wear flesh/neutral colored underwear.

They are great for holidays and making you feel good when out and about but they are not a photographers friend and they often do not look good in photos (without extensive and time consuming editing in a program such as photoshop). Please do not apply any type of fake tan for a beauty shoot with us. Why? It is hard to get a Tan even and perfect everywhere, especially hands and feet, inside the wrist area.

For bride your hands will be in lots of photos – holding flowers, holding your dress, exchanging rings.. trust me it matters.  It also does rub off on your dress. It will often show under the armpits – and this really does not look good in photos. If you are really determined to get a tan.. try a skin glow and do it 3 or 4 days before your wedding day. It is up to you and If you do decide to get a tan, do lots of research.

We also ask that you do not have any natural tan marks from sun baking (best to avoid the sun altogether.)

Really want a tan – here is some advice: Tanning Tips

Please floss and brush before arrival. Bring a tooth brush with you too.

The dreaded breakout
If you have a breakout a day or two before the shoot (or even the day of the shoot) let us know asap so we can hopefully reschedule. We will not proceed if you skin has broken out.

Water is your friend, drink lots of water the day before and on the day. No Alcohol the day before is always best too. If for any reason you have red eyes… have some drops on had to clear them.

Wash your hair 24 hours or so before the shoot. Please make sure your hair is even colour and that your roots are not growing out and obvious.

More information can be found here: Good Hair Preparation Tips

Feel free to share ideas that may compliment the shoot.

Its important to be fed and watered during the day. We don’t want you thirsty or hungry. Feel free to bring some food and water along to keep you going.

Spring is in the Air
If you suffer from allergies or Hay Fever, be sure to get some hay fever tablets and have them on hand. A red runny nose is not fun 🙂


Great photos is about team work and each of us knowing our roles. Your role is to model so we expect you have a range of poses that you are familiar with and that suit your look. Some direction will be given but models need to know how to model.

All Photographic assignments are a team effort. We all have our part to play and good results are dependent on team work.

Please note that when doing a TFP shoot with us an model release/agreement must be signed.

Please be aware that the TOP FIVE (or as agreed in writing in our agreement) images from the shoot will be selected by the photographer, edited and given agreed parties in the agreement format (usually via dropbox). If you would like your images provided on USB this can be arranged at your own cost.

Please note that copyright remains with PAB however all official team members have the right to use non commercially to promote their role.

Please note that images are NOT to be altered in any way this includes but not restricted to cropping, colour selection, artistic enhancement etc.

Please note ALL team members are to be tagged or written in the description and a link to their page where possible, failure to do so will be in breach of the signed agreement and the photographer retains the right to enforce the terms of the agreement.

The agreement specifies the turnaround for receipt of images.
I do not take credit for all of this information – it has been gathered from many sources freely provided on the internet. Feel free to do your own research.

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