Wollongong Wedding Photography – Ashley and Jeremy

Wollongong Wedding Photography Venue: Wollongong Botanic Gardens

I had the honour of sharing some time with the lovely Ashley and Jeremy in the lead up to their Wedding Day at Wollongong Botanic Gardens. Not accustomed to being in front of the camera they wanted a relaxed and candid approach  – so a picnic with lots of yummy snacks (cheese, meats and biscuits) and some wine it was. The weather was mild and sunny, a little breezy too (not that you can tell!)  We had fun and we are primed and ready for next month when they marry. Their wedding will be held in Terara, Nowra and will have a vintage theme. Jeremey and Ashley are dog lovers and have two of their own – Zoro and Harley. Looking forward to capturing your wedding day Ashley and Jeremy, I am sure it will be awesome. Jeremey has also planned our their secret Honeymoon, the destination is known to Ashley but not the details!  Wollongong Wedding Photography by Appleart. Its all about you!

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Wollongong Botanic Gardens. Wollongong Wedding Photographer, Photography by Appleart – Telling the story of your wedding day the way you want it told. Its your day and it is all about you. Our aim to work with you and capture your day – you story as it unfolds naturally. We take a candid and non invasive approach as much as possible. There will be a little direction but only as needed to get the best captures for you. If you would like to chat to us about your wedding day please feel feel to get in touch. We offer a complimentary meetup – just an informal chat and there is no pressure. Its important the person(s) who capture your day and whom you spend pretty much the whole day with is someone you feel comfortable with.

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