Kiama Wedding – Jackie and Troy

Held at the Sebel in Kiama, NSW, it was a stormy week and no one knew what the weather would bring. Saturday morning it rained, the sun came out, it showered, it rained and so it went on … so unpredictable. Did it matter? Not at all. It was about love and partnership and commitment to one another. The call was made to hold the ceremony¬†inside instead and it was heartfelt and lovely. We improvised on location photos and took the opportunity to head out when the rain was light.¬†Enjoy.

Kiama Wedding Photography by Appleart

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Kiama Wedding Photography by Appleart
024_kiama wedding 023_kiama wedding
026_kiama wedding 025_kiama wedding
026_kiama wedding
027_kiama wedding
028_kiama wedding

035_kiama wedding 034_kiama wedding 033_kiama wedding 031_kiama wedding 030_kiama wedding 029_kiama wedding
Kiama Wedding Photography by Appleart


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